Makeup: Expectations Vs. Reality

Makeup: Expectations Vs. Reality! In today’s world, if something needs to be clarified online, it probably isn’t true. This holds true for breaking news stories, celebrities getting divorced, and of course, the endless notion of “beauty standards.” If you want to join the tribe of “beauty,” you must adhere to a certain standard in the world of beauty. For example, you must use the snatched contour technique, wing your liner correctly, wear fake lashes, etc. It’s really exhausting. 


So, what really puts aside the differences between makeup expectations and reality? Of course, none other than inferior beauty apps and correctors that’ll help to edit the hell out of your “imperfection.”


Thankfully, people are now realizing that accepting their flaws and natural skin tone is the right thing. And one should never change who they are to fit in. Particularly regarding beauty standards. Because naturalness is what IndieKudi is all about, we reassured you that the picture-perfect images you’ve seen online are pretty distant from the truth.

Instagram Pictures Vs. Reality

The idea of what is beautiful on the internet is absurd. 

As a beauty writer, I’ll admit that it’s challenging to stay informed with trends these days because I tend to stick to my own expertise the more I learn about “online beauty.” 

The list includes dramatic contouring, thick brows, incredibly artificial lashes, over-the-top lip lining, and much more. 

The photoshopped images on the internet are insanely bizarre. 

To depict that flawless makeup look on Instagram, most users use photoshop or editing software. 

However, the texture is actually just fine! 

Your makeup won’t look as smooth as they do in the edited photos; it’ll be much more texturized in reality.

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Embracing Your Imperfections

These “Internet vs. Reality” beauty trends work together with today’s generation to make natural beauty more acceptable and to increase awareness. 

However, some people still find it difficult to blend in with society, where you are expected to have perfect skin, tiny waists, sculpted bones, etc. 

But we don’t blame them. 

When you surf through social media for so long, the concept of “brainwashing” might easily creep in. 

The internet is known for the domain of pretendings. 

Reality is not the same as the life you see online. 

Wearing makeup is a form of self-expression. 

The possibilities for creation are limitless, so you can be as imaginative as you like.

But you must realize that no one, and I mean no one, is born with extra-smooth skin, an acne-free complexion, and long lashes. 

Everyone has at least one skin problem. 

It is a natural part of existence.

It’s what sets us apart. 

Let’s embrace our features!

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